Webinar April 30, 2020 | From Document Management to Process Automation: a concrete case



 2 min.

Webinar April 30, 2020 | From Document Management to Process Automation: a concrete case


APRIL 30, 2020
Thrursday 11:15 CET

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WEBINAR | From Document Management to Process Automation: a concrete case


Webinar dalla Gestione Documentale al Process Automation

The digitalization of documents and business processes represents the future for the organization that wants to enhance their offer and increase competitiveness!

Dematerialising and efficiently managing digital processes is today the key to making every business evolve.

A complex theme, in which technological, process and regulatory aspects are placed side by side, in which the possibility of relying on a trusted partner represents an element capable of determining the success or failure of the company, significantly affecting times and costs.

Do not miss this Webinar and find out from a customer's hands-free voice, the story of a journey that began in 2008 with the management of digitally signed contracts towards the Public Administrations and today reached the complete digitalization of processes such as the management of B2B invoice and NSO orders with the use of the PEPPOL channel.

We will be discussing:

  • How to introduce properly dematerialisation and management of digital processes into the company?
  • What are the benefits and what obstacles were to overcome in the various stages of the journey?
  • What were the 'pushes' that guided this path of innovation?
  • Have the benefits always been in line with expectations?
  • Can the advent of PEPPOL in Italy be a push for companies abroad?

Participation to the event is FREE upon subscription and subject to confirmation by the organizing secretariat.
The Webinar will be held in collaboration with Soiel International.

Don’t miss the webinar to understand why document management is the future of businesses!


With deep knowledge of the regulations and more than 30 years of experience in the field, Top Consult was one of the first Italian companies to operate in the electronic management of documents and to "evangelize" the market: today it is one of the leaders in this sector, where it counts over 500 private and public clients in Italy and Europe.

Top Consult, a team you can count on!


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