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Robotic Process Automation in Documental Processes RPA


Developed RPA are available



What is an RPA system?

An RPA – Robotic Process Automation – is a system that allows the automation of work processes by the use of Robots”, these are advanced programs that use digital systems for the execution of business processes

How does an RPA system work?

The RPA system can carry out the process in complete autonomy and its then defined "unattended RPA" or "automatically run" or on the other hand a RPA can carry out the process in partial autonomy and this results in what is defined an "attended RPA"

RPA unattended

It is typically performed automatically at server level; while attended RPA is performed by the user at the client level

RPA attended

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Human intervention is required, that ultimately maintains control of the execution, deciding if, how and when

Account Recivables - RPA Tax Free

Tax Free invoices are the active invoices issued to customers who are not EU citizens, who returned home can request a refund of VAT. This RPA automates:

Acquiring invoices

the process of acquiring invoices, generally issued by an intermediary - on behalf of the seller - authorized by the customs Authority

Archiving process

The invoice archiving process

Invoice posting process

the invoice posting process, gathering metadata for automatic reconciliation

Account Payables - RPA Deserialize

A software that allows the extraction of all data from the XML layout of the outgoing and incoming invoice, the use cases with greater implementations are:

Outgoing invoicing supervision

Supplier supervision in account receivables

VAT data extraction involving different payment deadlines

Useful reports for the Administration

Invoice posting

Creation of the first accounting note

(or intermediate pre-first accounting note if chosen by the customer)


Benefits of using RPA

Reduction of manual tasks and related errors

Increased productivity and reduced costs ((1 RPA = 3 FTE "Full Time Equivalent")

Increased task speed

AIncreased compliance

Increased completed tasks traceability (log and analytics)

Large scale adoption also for users with less technological skills

Top Consult's RPA robots

Top Consult’s RPA robots work independentently from the ERP adopted and the interface software with the SDI Excahnge System used!

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