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Use of electronic signatures is increasingly expanding, together with the growing diffusion of the IT document in the company; in particular, the electronic signature finds its best use in the context of processes. Until now, electronic signature has been used by companies above all in the "automatic" signature mode, i.e. applied massively by software specifically for documents to be digitally preserved, those of the Payslips or B2G XML electronic invoices, without the need of the signer’s physical presence.

La Firma Elettronica di TopMedia Social NED

EIDAS regulation: the European electronic signature

In 2016, the European eIDAS regulation was deployed; this contributes to creating a digital single market by creating suitable conditions for the cross-border mutual recognition of essential functions (such as electronic identification, the management of electronic documents and electronic signatures, delivery services) and for the interoperability of eGovernment services across the European Union.

Particularly, the eIDAS regulation has equated the advanced electronic signature with the qualified digital signature, giving it the same law probative value.

The types of electronic signatures and their probative value


Set of data in electronic form, attached or connected by logical association to other electronic data, used as a method of computer authentication.

Evidential value
The judge on a case-by-case basis establishes evidence

Qualified Electronic

A particular type of advanced electronic signature that requires a qualified certificate and is performed using a secure device for generating the signature itself.

Evidential value
Evidence of private writing integrates the written form ad substantiam

Advanced Electronic Signature (i.e. graphometric signature)

Set of data in electronic form attached or connected to a electronic document that allow the identification of the signer of the document and guarantee the univocal connection to the signer, created with means on which the signer can keep an exclusive protocol, connected to the data to which said signature refers to in such a way as to allow to detect whether the data have been subsequently modified

Evidential value
Evidence of private writing integrates the written form ad substantiam except for real estate contracts


A particular type of advanced electronic signature based on a qualified certificate and a system of cryptographic keys, one public and one private, related to each other, which allows the holder through the proven key and the recipient through the public key, respectively, to make manifest and to verify the origin and integrity of a electronic document or a set of electronic documents.

Evidential value
Evidence of intact private writing integrates the written form ad substantiam

The solutions provided by Top Consult ensure to sign documents digitally in interactive, massive and automatic mode.

The functions of the TopMedia Social NED platform safely apply, complying with the law, electronic signatures in the context of the electronic document management processes and main document flows.





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