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Protocol and Correspondence Management

Protocol and Correspondence Management is available



Protocol and Correspondence with TopMedia Social NED

The TopMedia Social NED document platform allows to manage, in an orderly form, the automatic archiving of all incoming and outgoing correspondence – including registered eMails PEC – and to record and distribute it internally by activating all the involved RPAs. Integrated correspondence and social flow allow the automation of many vital processes of the company, increasing security and the speed of communication and reaction.

Complete Integration:
Correspondece – Social Flow – Digital Preservation

Process Automation

Increased della Security

Speed Gain

Compliance to regulations

Its native integration with our Preservation platform guarantees full compliance with current legislation on Correspondence, Protocol and registered eMails PEC

Two optimized solutions for two very distinct scenarios:

Public Adminitration

Compliant to regulations

Private Companies

Focused on the requirements of private companies

The Regulation

To fulfill statutory purposes, companies are required to keep incoming and outgoing commercial correspondence for a minimum period of 10 years. (art.2220 of the Italian Civil Code)

D.P.C.M. of November 13, 2014: D.P.C.M. of November 13, 2014: “Technical rules on the formation, transmission, copy, duplication, reproduction and temporal validation of electronic documents as well as on the formation and conservation of electronic documents of public administrations…”

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