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Law compliant Digital preservation of documents

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Digital Preservation

From 12/4/2017 the new technical rules regarding digital preservation became mandatory, which replaced the previous conservation rules, known with the old term of “substitute conservation” and based on the CNIPA resolution No. 11/2004, introducing changes not only affecting IT, but also organization and behaviors.

Top Consult offers digital preservation in accordance with the new rules, both on-premise and in outsourcing in relation to the specific needs of each client. In addition to the new TopMedia Social NED Lex module, compliant with the new regulations, the new ConLex 2.0 and ManLex 2.0 services are also proposed for on-premise storage: the first includes legal and application advice for creating digital archives, the second ensures the maintenance over the years of the generated digital archives.

Lex manages the digital preservation of all types of documents required by current legislation: customer invoices and credit notes, digital and paper supplier invoices, social books and ledgers, payslips, CUD, but also orders, Registered e-mail (PEC), medical records and anything else article No. 2220 of the Civil Code requires keeping.
Benefits are numerous: elimination of paper archives and physical spaces, of the huge ledgers that occupied whole rooms, the possibility in the event of an audit to combine the single fiscal document with all its related ones.

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Preservation is not a simple software program to buy, it is a service, a set of elements that determine its overall quality and effectiveness. In addition, the changes introduced by the new rules are not only IT, but above all organizational, and for this reason they require specific in-depth, legal and application consultancy, together with specialized training.

It is best to contact an experienced, solid and prepared supplier such as Top Consult, which for over 30 years has been operating exclusively on the document management market and has always had digital preservation as its core business.

The reliability of pioneers

Top Consult pioneered substitute preservation of documents, creating in 1999 for the Pesaro Council the substitute archive of registry documents, the first example in Italy of Law-compliant preservation.

Already in those years Top Consult developed the Lex packaged solutions, also devising the Preservation Manual and the legal and organizational services to support the Preservation Manager.

For the On-Premise solution we also provide Conlex 2.0 and Manlex 2.0 services

In addition to suitable software, it is necessary to provide the customer with training and advice to behave in an adequate and aware manner from scratch and to maintain the correct behaviors even after the beginning of preservation. These are the objectives of the Conlex 2.0 and Manlex 2.0 services of TopMedia Social NED proposed for on-premise preservation.

Conlex 2.0

Conlex 2.0 includes legal and application consultancy for creating digital archives: therefore a training day with the lawyer and the application specialist, assisting the latter to start digital preservation, consultancy for the creation of the preservation manual, the release of a conformity certificate of the manual by the lawyer.

Manlex 2.0

Manlex 2.0 is the service that ensures the maintenance of the digital archives created over the years. The subscription to the service includes the right to the annual recertification of the preservation manual; to submit 5 application / legal questions / year on the Lex topic (answers are given by the application specialists or by the lawyer according to the topic); an annual audit-testing visit to the archives created, carried out by Top Consult specialists.

The legislation

Technical Rules on preservation systems

The new “Technical Rules on preservation systems“, issued in reference to art. 71 of the Digital Administration Code, define the characteristics of the Digital Preservation systems for both IT documents and document files (aggregation of multiple IT documents); organizational models; the roles and responsibilities of the Preservation Manager, who must act in collaboration with other company figures such as the Information Systems Manager, the Personal Data Processing Manager, the Security Manager and the Document Management Manager.

Among the duties of the Preservation Manager there are the drafting and maintenance of the Preservation Manual, which has now become mandatory and is the consequence of often team work: it describes the preservation process itself, the display methods and the formats of the objects subkìject to preservation.

Preservation in accordance with the new rules

The Lex module of TopMedia Social NED adopts the data structures and standards prescribed by the new rules in art. 4 for the management of information archiving packages. A copy of the document present in management is replicated to the preservation environment; here the file gets digitally signed, combined with the indexing metadata in an IDC type file (preservation index) also signed and timestamped. The Surfer or Surfer Mobile / Web module of the TopMedia Social NED platform is required for consultation and display.

Lex is a module of the TopMedia Social NED Orchestration Platform, which executes batch processes. It does not use dedicated workstations and can perform multiple preservation tasks in parallel. At least one remote automatic digital signature certificate is required perform the operations.

The opinion

Benefits of Digital Preservation

Disposal of paper archives with the recovery of costs and physical spaces

The company frees itself of all worries by becoming compliant with the current regulations and thus avoiding penalties.

Integration with ERPs makes it easy to display any document or the entire case

When on-premise, an annual audit service (ManLEX) is available to guarantee safety of processes

Natural completion of electronic archiving and management of documents for the performance of work processes.

Paper-free business processes

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