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Integration with SAP

Connect4SAP is available




Connect4SAP liaises the document infrastructure with the management one, allowing to take advantage of the completeness of information of documents within SAP business applications. The SAP system thus becomes capable of jointly managing data and associated documents, increases its overall efficiency and uses the advanced features of the TopMedia Social NED document platform, also connecting directly with the dematerializeed archive of tax-relevant documents.

SAP HTTP Content Server

It is the server module dedicated to communicate with the SAP ArchiveLink interface. Allows searching and viewing of documents from the SAP interface, and archiving of incoming and outgoing documents scanned in Business Workflow scenarios.

SAP Barcode

It is the module that allows automatic archiving of incoming documents via barcode. It takes care of archiving documents with recognized Barcodes in TopMedia Social NED. It transfers the Barcodes and ID documents to SAP to generate the link between the SAP objects and the documents already archived in TopMedia Social NED.

SAP Aligner

It is the module that conveys the index keys from SAP to TopMedia Social NED to enable searching for documents not only from SAP but also from Surfer, Surfer Web and Mobile clients.

SAP DataReader

It is the module dedicated to the reading of structured data from SAP. The data is retrieved by calling standard or customized SAP RFC function modules and archived in TopMedia Social NED


SAP IDoc is the solution developed by Top Consult for converting IDoc files, as produced by SAP, into XML format and vice-versa; for what concerns invoices, SAP IDoc allows to convert all existing formats, making administrative and accounting management easy and immediate:

Ordinary domestic electronic invoice (FEPA)

Simplified home electronic invoice (FEPAS)

UBL European E-Invoice (FEUBL)

How Connect4SAP works: an example

Account Payables RPA  in the SAP world

The flow is triggered by the reception on the TopMedia Social NED Platform of the supplier invoice in XML format coming from the Domestic Exchange System (SdI) according to the chosen communication channel and automatically archived with the metadata recorded to proceed with the invoice approval flow, up to the automatic posting in the SAP ERP system.

The application scenario consists of a sequence of steps in accordance with the specific requirements and working methods of each company:

  • Reception of XML Supplier Invoice from SDI
  • Approval of the Invoice through a defined workflow
  • Extraction of accounting data from the document
  • Import of Order and Delivery note details from SAP ERP
  • Reconciliation / compliance check of each single invoice line with data extracted from SAP ERP
  • Automatic posting of the supplier invoice in SAP ERP

The opinion

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