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RPA Tax Drawer

The solution enables the automatic retrieval of Electronic Invoices and related responses from the Tax Drawer

The Tax Drawer Automation Solution with TopMedia Social NED

The solution makes it possible to retrieve from a company’s Tax Drawer the documents delivered to and received from the SdI and store them within the TopMedia Social Ned document platform.

The Fiscal Drawer procedure can be used in the Electronic Invoicing scenario to perform quadrature operations between the set of documents present within a TopMedia Social NED solution and those held by the SdI; it proves to be a particularly effective solution with regard to the retrieval of a company’s Supplier Invoices.

What are the features?


Download from the SdI, on a daily basis, documents at a certain date


Obtain a text file with separator, containing document references available to the SdI


Process the output file thusì obtained from TopMedia Social NED, importing and comparing the documents received from TMSN with those actually present on the SdI


Identify missing documents


The procedure sends a request to the SdI to obtain the missing documents


The SdI sends toward the company’s document platform the required documents going to complete the documentation in it.

In the case of articulated solutions where a company offers the electronic invoicing service to several parties and has the proxies to operate with the tax drawers of its customers, if this company operates the Electronic Invoicing solution with a TopMedia Social NED platform through the SDICoop channel, then it could use this procedure to retrieve any unreceived invoices for its customers.

The Tax Drawer automation solution requires:

TopMedia Social NED's Electronic Invoicing Solution

Active SDICoop communication channel to the SdI

The TopMedia Social NED document system is integrable with popular management programs and systems.

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