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Top Consult


More than 30 years focused on constant innovation

Established in 1987 in Turin, Italy, Top Consult was one of the first Italian companies to operate in the electronic management of documents and to “evangelize” the market.

Today, it is one of the leaders in this sector, with over 500 private and public clients in Italy and Europe with some relevant references as Lavazza, Prada, Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Toyota Material Handling Italia, Bennet, Findomestic, Eni Finance.

Companies that rely on Top Consult solutions, in order to improve their business management and competitiveness.

Top Consult has a deep knowledge of the regulations with a commitment that dates back to the dawn of digital legislation since 1994 and has more than 30 years of experience gained by creating hundreds of document solutions integrated with the information systems of every type of Company More recently, the approval of the legislator in favor of dematerialisation has led to the consolidation of the Digital Document in Corporate life (from the PEC registered emails, to the Electronic Invoice, to the UBL Electronic Orders).

The Opinion

The history of Document Management is the history of Top Consult!

Here come the new guidelines for digital preservation
Easy Contract, the last mile of document workflow

The new cloud solution for electronic document subscription

From Content Management to full Robotic Process Automation with TopMedia

Top Consult - the ideal Partner

The Top Media HUB ensures Cloud towards SDI (Exchanges Site); FE (electronic invoicing) takes off and the European B2C on Peppol network is Born
Digital documents become structured in compliance to international XML/UBL standards
B2B Electronic invoicing will e mandatory for Italy

Dematerialization is now Digital both On Premises or in Outsourcing

Top Media Social NED Social Flow features defines the concept of Collaborative User
With the eIDAS regulation all Digital Signatures ar now EU compilant

The Enterprise Documental Platform Top Media Social NED is released

The Electronic Invoice to the public administration is now mandatory in Italy
B2B Electronic invoicing is now optional and complying to EU standards
Top Media integrated Workflow increases efficiency to document flows
Management and dematerialization of LUL (Payslips) and PEC (registered eMails) are deemed mandatory
Top Media is now NED and is capable of clipping digital documents
CAD publication

With the publication of the CAD (domestic digital documents regulation), the digital document and the digital signature are deemed as fully compilant with the law

Revenue office also accepts dematerialization procedures
LEX module

Top Media LEX module, first concrete example of Dematerialization for the Pesaro Coucil

First domestic rules on Optical Archiving and Digital Signature
Top Media is born

The document archive is now integrated with the management software

Top Consult is established in Turin

Organisation and IT services aimed at automation

Social Business is born

“Fast Forward” is Top Consult’s motto: it underlines our prompt response to customer needs and the speed of design and implementation, together with our commitment and vocation towards a constant innovation.

Download the Top Consult Company Profile!

Download the Top Consult Company Profile!


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