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Document Management Solutions for SMEs

TopMedia Social NED Suite is available



Are you part of a SME and are not yet familiar with electronic document content management?

Today, you can no longer postpone the choice; it is no longer possible to work without document management: for example, an invoice to the Public Administration must be compulsorily electronic, in XML format that is not even readable by people. In addition, they must be digitally managed and preserved in compliance with regulations.

So what you need is the TopMedia Social NED Suite, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. “Ready to use”, simple and money-saving, it comes with already set up electronic archives structures – thanks to 30 years of Top Consult experience – for the business areas of Administration-Accounting, Electronic Invoicing, Personnel and Correspondence.
All accessible in the office and away, in house and on the cloud.

What type of documents can you manage?

TopMedia Social NED Suite

It is the ideal tool for small to medium-sized enterprises

Suite TopMedia Socal NED - soluzioni di gestione documentale per PMI

What are the benefits?

Immediate availability of information

Increased productivity of personnel

Less paper required for business processes

"Ready-to-use" Solutions

The TopMedia Social NED Suite

The Suite is therefore a true document management package to start managing work processes with IT documents even for those who have never used document management and want to quickly start using it with all its most innovative features!

Pier Luigi Zaffagnini

Founder and CEO of Top Consult

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