NSO Order Management

Create, send, receive and preserve in accordance with regulations the XML-UBL Orders sent to NSO



What is NSO?

The Nodo Smistamento Ordini (Order Sorting Node, NSO) is the system through which public administrations and suppliers, also wit hthe help of intermediaries, exchange electronic documents certifying the ordering of purchases of goods and services.


Who is it aimed to?

Electronic Order Obligation with the Order Sorting Node (NSO) in force for Companies and Suppliers of the National Health Service


From when?

The effective date referring to the new order management obligation via NSO, foreseen by the ministerial decree of December 27th, 2019, is February 1st, 2020 for the sale of goods and January 1st, 2021 for the provision of services.


What are the news?

XML-UBL format standards and the PEPPOL channel are the news with respect to the rules of Electronic Invoicing. PEPPOL is the mandatory channel for Emilia Romagna region.

What are the communication channels?

Sending and receiving documents to and from NSO can take place via 4 communication channels similar to those used for the transmission of electronic invoices, with the addition of PEPPOL: WebServices - FTP – Registered eMail PEC - PEPPOL infrastructure

Canali trasmissione NSO

Access Point PEPPOL Top Consult

What is the PEPPOL Channel?

PEPPOL features an addressing system that allows the Sender to know the Identification of the Recipient (endpoint) to whom the Message must be delivered. The transmission of messages to NSO is carried out by Access Points in a seamless way for operators.

PEPPOL è dotato di un sistema di indirizzamento che consente al Mittente di conoscere l’identificativo del Destinatario (endpoint) a cui deve essere recapitato il Messaggio. La trasmissione dei messaggi a NSO è eseguita dagli Access Point in modo trasparente per gli operatori.

Top Consult is a Peppol certified Access Point. Top Consult has an accredited Peppol Access Point, allowing the management and transmission of standardized documents in the UBL language.

Furthermore, Top Consult achieved the SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) certification, which allows it to manage its infrastructure of identifiers on the PEPPOL network.

Our solution integrates the PEPPOL world into the TopMedia Social NED portal including the management, sending and receiving of orders, delivery notes and electronic invoices in a fully automated way, through the PEPPOL infrastructure.

The NSO Order Management Solution

Based on the TopMedia Social NED document platform, it is the ideal tool for sending and receiving orders, for managing exchange flows and for their subsequent law-compliant preservation.


Management of incoming and outgoing orders through all channels: Web Service, Registered eMail PEC, Ftp and PEPPOL


Document status supervision


Custom authorization and sorting workflows


Creation of the XML-UBL order from text files if the company ERP is unable to generate it


Order reconciliation with ERPs


On-premise or outsourced digital preservation

The 2018 Budget Law at paragraph 411 states that "the issue, transmission, storage and archiving of documents certifying the ordering and execution of purchases of goods and services must be made in electronic form."

Starting from electronic invoicing, then to orders ... tomorrow there will be delivery notes and work progress reports ... the digitization process is now underway ... Trust an expert partner such as Top Consult to start managing all digital documents now effectively and efficiently!

The NSO Order Management solution is available




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