Transmission and reception of XML-UBL documents via PEPPOL channel





The Pan-European Public Procurement On Line (PEPPOL) originated as a project of the European Commission for the digitalization of purchasing processes. PEPPOL has developed Company Interoperability Specifications (BIS), starting from the XML-UBL standard, to standardize the electronic documents exchanged and validated through an open and secure network through certified Access Points. These specifications can be integrated into the Procurement and Business exchange systems, to support interoperability at a cross-border level.

The operating model of the PEPPOL network can be represented
with a "4 corners model" as follows:


role played by the Sender who generates the Message (document to be sent) and entrusts it to the Top Consult access point, which is concerned with placing it on the PEPPOL network.


role played by Top Consult, as the Sender's Intermediary, is connected to the infrastructure through its Access Point, forwards the message to be sent to the Recipient's Intermediary.


role played by Top Consult, as the Recipient's Intermediary, also equipped with an Access Point that receives the Message and makes it available to the Recipient


role played by the Recipient of the document that receives messages from its Intermediary

Solution Link 2 Peppol with TopMedia Social NED

Each Access Point of the PEPPOL network features its own "address book" also SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) in which the managed PEPPOL IDs are registered. All Access Points are managed by a Public Server called SML (Service Metadata Locator).

PEPPOL gives Italian and foreign companies the opportunity to simplify and improve onboarding processes for buyers and suppliers who wish to trade electronically. PEPPOL allows companies to expand their business in Italy and also abroad, in this case overcoming the most common market access problems: bureaucracy, specific investments and technical-regulatory limits.

In Italy PEPPOL is one of the channels available for the transmission of Electronic Orders through the Order Sorting Node (NSO) and is the main candidate for the exchange of Electronic Invoices at European and International level.

Top Consult is a certified Peppol Access Point

Top Consult has obtained certification as an accredited Peppol Access Point and also SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) certification, which allows it to manage its infrastructure of identifiers on the PEPPOL network

The“Link 2 PEPPOL” solution is the Top Consult solution that allows you to manage all documents that pass through the PEPPOL network through your own Certified Access Point.

Archiving in TopMedia Social NED of documents received from the PEPPOL network

In this case, the Top Consult Access Point will play the role of Corner 3. The documents that will be delivered to the Access Point will be automatically recognized by document type and thus will be archived and made available on the document platform. The documents will be preserved according to the laws in force in the various countries.

Sending documents from TopMedia Social NED to the PEPPOL network

In this case, the Top Consult Access Point plays the role of Corner 2. Inside TopMedia Social NED there will be documents that must be sent in analogy to what happens for electronic invoices or NSO orders. The platform will send the documents to the PEPPOL Top Consult AccessPoint, which will deliver them to the destination Access Point.

In both cases - Archiving and Sending - the platform, will take care of updating the sending / transmission status of the document and will make this information available to the customer in real time connecting periodically to the Access Point itself.

Link 2 PEPPOL is available



Starting from electronic invoicing, then to orders ... tomorrow there will be delivery notes and work progress reports ... the digitization process is now underway ... Trust an expert partner such as Top Consult to start managing all digital documents now effectively and efficiently.


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