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Easy Contract
The Cloud-Based solution for digital document subscription The functions of the TopMedia Social NED platform safely apply, complying with the law, electronic signatures in the context of the electronic document management processes and main document flows.
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Discover our Order Management solution via NSO
From 1st February 2020 for institutions of the Italian Health Service and their suppliers. Trust Top Consult: we are a PEPPOL certified Access Point!
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The new enterprise platform for Document Management and Business Collaboration
The business collaborative processes: email disappears, Groupware and Social Business are born
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Manage, preserve and share with TopMedia Social NED

It is the enterprise platform for Document Management developed by Top Consult with a “revolutionary” approach that has radically changed the way electronic document management is done.
TopMedia Social NED, by applying the concepts and operating methods of social networks and social collaboration, introduces a new way of working for the user and reaches the cultural and organizational transformation that we define Social Business.

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