Feinar is committed to organizing a simple and safe electronic invoicing system for their associates, ranging from artisans to small businesses to industrial groups ...



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Feinar, Electronic Invoicing services aimed to associates. The special Social NED "Hub" communicates in the cloud with the SDI Exchange System

  Case History

Feinar, founded in 1973 from Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, with 170 employees provides payroll and HR management, accounting and tax services, safety at work policies for 2,200 companies of all types and sizes.


Says Claudio Garna, Head of Information Systems at Feinar: "Thanks to Top Consult we are committed to organizing a simple and safe electronic invoicing system for our associates, ranging from artisans to small businesses to industrial groups"


The Electronic Invoicing system with a special "Hub" to the SDI Exchange System

The heart of our Electronic Invoicing system is a special "hub" for the SDI Exchange System, that is, a Social NED platform that communicates in the cloud with the Exchange System for receiving, delivering and monitoring. Already tested, this infrastructure is located in a "private cloud" system at the Top Consult server farm, that is hosted in the state-of-the-art Aruba data center in Bergamo. We can thus guarantee our customers a high-tech service, always available 24/7, with maximum safety and reliability and certified; all of the above is also reinforced by the features of Social NED and the disaster recovery procedures ensured by a second Aruba datacenter in Arezzo.

The three types of Electronic Invoicing services

To meet the diversified needs of our customers, we have configured 3 types of service..

  • - The first (on "paper") is aimed at customers who still issue and receive paper invoices.
  • - The second is instead "telematic": here, the customer interfaces with us through a special portal where he can enter the invoice data for sending to Feinar; if their ERP is capable of XML output, then it is uploaded to the portal and sent to us. The data arrives in Feinar, were we digitally sign the XML and deliver it to the SDI Exchange System via hub. Vice versa, we receive the supplier invoices and publish them on the portal, so that the customer can download and post them in their own ERP system.
  • - The third mode ("documental"), is aimed at customers with a well-organized information system; this requires that we receive XML invoices, for example via FTP: we take care of them with another Social NED platform, installed in Feinar, we sign and send them to the SDI Excahnge System via hub; we receive supplier invoices on behalf of our customers and publish them in the FTP area. For all customer account payables invoices that go through the SDI Excahgen System, we digitally sign each one.

The exchange of invoices with the SDI Exchange System takes place via WebService, because their volume requires a massive and reliable communication channel.

TopMedia Social NED for Electronic Invoicing management

Claudio Garna, Head of Information Systems at Feinar: "To build a complete and effective electronic invoicing scenario we are convinced that the use of document management is essential: we therefore trusted Social NED, a well-established platform, whose concreteness and solidity we especially appreciate , together with its flexibility and scalability towards large numbers; plus, it is also open, we can easily intervene to adapt, specialize, synchronize. We expect to have to manage from 700,000 to one million electronic invoices, both AR and AP, for about 2,000 customers. Of course, at the end of the electronic invoicing processes, we also take care of their dematerialization of both XML invoices and their receipts; this we carry out with the Top Consult tools already installed internally. We have configured and tested the system in time, thus respecting the Electronic invoicing deadline of 1/1/2019 and training all the people within us and our client companies endusers.

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