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Up Day Spa optimizes the electronic invoicing process thanks to TopMedia Social NED

Up Day Spa optimizes the electronic invoicing process thanks to TopMedia Social NED

Top Consult, at the Smau Bologna 2019 event, brought the testimony of their client Up Day Spa who, thanks to the use of TopMedia Social NED, won the Smau R2B 2019 innovation award.

Top Consult, at the Smau Bologna event of 6-7 June 2019, brought the testimony of its client Up Day Spa which, thanks to the use of TopMedia Social NED, won the Smau R2B 2019 innovation award.

Up Day S.p.A. ottimizza il processo di fatturazione elettronica grazie a TopMedia Social NED

Sergio Benini, Up Day S.p.A says: “Thanks to TopMedia, errors and inaccuracies are avoided. Dialogue with the Exchange System is quick and effective, and payments are timely. The system has also been applied to suppliers who can delegate billing to Day on their behalf.”

Up Day S.p.A


Up Day has been operating in the business of dedicated personal services market for over thirty years in Italy: they offer solutions for meal vouchers, incentive programs and corpThe company is part of the UP Group, a social cooperative founded in France and present in 19 Countries around the world. The cornerstones of the Up group are sustainability (social, environmental and economic) and the innovative drive with constant investments in the Research and Development sector. Up Day achieved a turnover of 650 million Euros in 2018; it liaises daily with 110,000 affiliated partners and reaches 800,000 daily users of its services.

Digital Preservation with TopMedia Social NED

Up Day adopted TopMedia Social NED ten years ago to start the digital and dematerialized archiving of all the company’s documents. The data and information previously present on paper are now stored in electronic format on the software. Recently, with the obligation of electronic invoicing, some features of the documental platform support all business processes for the delivery of invoices to customers.

The goal was to monitor the spending of health organizations. Paragraph 413 explained that the State Accounting System must ensure that the management system introduced in the previous paragraph is integrated with the National Public Contracts Database, with the SDI – Invoice exchange system.

How does the B2B Electronic Invoicing Solution actually works

While generating the electronic invoice, TopMedia allows to manage automatically, quickly and effectively both the information relating to the invoice and the communication with the Exchange System, the online platform of the Revenue Dept. which checks the document data, forwards it to the customer and sends a delivery receipt to the supplier. Sending and receiving responses is performed quickly thanks to the web service application that allows immediate interaction of the software with the Exchange System. The application of the software in this area is so efficient that Up Day has decided to offer its suppliers the opportunity to delegate billing on their behalf to the company. Thus, the company generates the document and, as soon as it receives the receipt, automatically activates the payment.

Benefits obtained thanks to the Documental Platform

Thanks to TopMedia, Up Day has automated the electronic invoicing process, increasing precision and speed and decreasing the possibility of errors or shortcomings in the reporting of data caused by manual entry. The system also allows greater timeliness in payments and simplifies the activity of suppliers who delegate the issue of their invoices. From January to mid-May 2019 the company received 90,000 invoices from suppliers, of which 60,000 were delegated.

“Using an integrated Content Management System, which digitizes the business processes linked to the invoice and integrates them with the ERP systems, therefore, allows us to arrive prepared and gradually for an important change that will not be limited only to the obligation of Electronic invoicing between private companies, but which will continue with order management and all other document flows.”