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Enterprise Document Projects for Large Accounts

Custom-made document management projects for large companies

TopMedia Social NED Enterprise is available



Are you part of a medium to large organization that wants to carry out a structured document project?

The documental and collaborative platform TopMedia Social NED Enterprise is aimed at companies and large private and public organizations to create custom and articulated Enterprise Content Management projects and solutions at company level, integrated with all ERP softwares, Office programs and portals

What are the offered solutions?

For which types of companies is the Top Consult offer aimed to?

The architecture of TopMedia Social NED was designed to create customized solutions that can be used both in house and on the cloud for any type of company!



Cost reduction

Increase productivity by 20-25% and business turnover by 2% with the elimination of eMails

Time reduction

Save up to 35% on the time dedicated to managing business documents: search times drops significantly by 90% and archiving time by 80%

Process optimization

Drives the company towards the digital transformation of structured and unstructured processes.

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