Easy Contract

The Cloud-Based solution for digital document subscription




Easy Contract is the Cloud-based document solution developed by Top Consult for the digital subscription of documents. The solution is available through a new Web App (Sign4Top) for all browsers, usable on any device, from PC to tablet as well as smartphone, independently from the operating system installed.

The steps of the Easy Contract solution

Document START-UP

Document Approval

Electronic Signature

Management of signed documents

Preservation e Archive

The Easy Contract solution, using the TopMedia Social NED platform, is also available for customers who use the Social NED platform both On Premise and In Cloud.

Evidential value of the electronic document


Unsigned electronic document

A document of this kind falls within the scope of the discipline referred to in art. 2712 of the Italian Civil Code (mechanical reproductions) and, in accordance with the provisions of art. 20 of the CAD (Domestic Digital Administration Code), its suitability to satisfy the requirement of the written form and its probative value can be freely evaluated in court, in relation to its objective characteristics of quality, safety, integrity and immutability:
[...] they form full proof of the facts and things represented, if the one against whom they are produced does not deny their conformity to the facts or to the things themselves [...]


Signed electronic document

A document of this kind falls within the discipline of private writing and is endowed with the effectiveness provided for by art. 2702 of the Italian Civil Code as well as the formal requirements pursuant to art. 1350 of the Italian Civil Code, while on the probative level it can be freely evaluated in court taking into account its objective characteristics of quality, security, integrity and immutability:
[…] makes full proof up to a complaint of forgery of the origin of the declarations by the person who signed it, if the person against whom the writing is produced recognizes the signature, that is saying if this is legally considered to be recognized […]

What kind of signature it is better to use with Easy Contract?

It depends on the nature of the document, the economic value of the document being signed and the probative value to be obtained.

Easy Contract is capable of managing all types of electronic signatures regulated by the European e-IDAS Regulation.

If a customer needs to sign multiple documents, with different economic values, Easy Contract makes it possible to apply different types of signatures!

TopMedia Social NED document system features integration capabilities with the most popular management programs and ERP systems.

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